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Sending Your Artwork & Files

We can accept files for Apple Mac in the following way:

  • CD ROM
  • DVD R & RW
  • FTP

FTP Server Details

  • Server Address:
  • User Name: hytexftp
  • Password: Hyt3X
  • Default Path: Not Required

FTP Server Instructions

  1. Use Cyberduck to download from or upload to the FTP site (free software from
  2. Launch Cyberduck
  3. Press: Open Connection
  4. Fill in the details above (Server Address, User Name & Password)
  5. Copy files into either 'To Hytex' if the file is from a client to us or copy files into 'From Hytex' if the file if from us to a client this is done by dragging and dropping into the folder.


We can accept all versions up to Quarkxpress 6.1, Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, InDesign CS.

Artwork For Ink Jet Printing

  • Document dimensions should be no smaller than quarter size, ensuring that it is in proportion to the final size required (i.e. panel 950mm wide x 2440mm high – supplied size should be 237.5mm x 610mm).
  • Scans: All scans should be saved as single file high resolution CMYK eps or TIFF's. Resolution at finished size should be 150dpi (i.e. quarter size 600dpi).
  • Remove any spare channels, select 8-bit Macintosh preview and binary encoding. (Avoid using PICT files).
  • Cut-outs: When creating clipping paths try to use the minimum amount of points.

Artwork For Vinyl Cutting

  • When supplying artwork for vinyl cutting please supply as the following:
  • Adobe Illustrator File (not eps)
  • Vector A/W only in Illustrator File
  • Text converted to paths (create outlines)
  • Keep simple, no fills
  • Save Bitmaps as Tiffs

Please Don't Forget...

Please make sure that all fonts are supplied with the job (Postscript ONLY – Screen and Printer). Also please supply us with a hard copy of your job (preferably in colour).

FTP Files Now

FTP Your Artwork

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